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How to make money online in india

              How TO MAKE MONEY

                   EARN LESS BUT EARN REAL

1>Data back

yes friends data back is an app that gives you free money and data this app allows you to save 45 MB data daily on your smart phone you just only do one thing you use many apps like face book whats app etc so you need to do only one thing just use these app from data I explain how to use this app in detail

1>so first download data back app from Play Store and then open it 
Online earning data
Now you can see these type of display on your smart phone when you open data back app

2> now you can use any app present in your smart phone you just step on any app icon and start saving data

3> you can store upto  1GB data daily you can see on this photo I save 1GB data in less than a month

4> it is not necessary that you you must collect 1GB data to pay out your data or money you must collect your saving data and money when it reaches up to 100mb which you you can store in up to 3 days

5> and when you want to cash out your money or data recharge you just tap on the top option wallet
6> last time I cash out my 150 MB data into cash and it gives me 10 rupees in exchange of 150 MB and so this is really nice app to earn money or free recharges

NOTE: many people think that this is very less amount of money so my dear friends regularly you use Face book Whats App etc and you can get nothing so I suggest you to use this app at least 25% of your data refunded



So friends this app is just like Instagram you must upload your funny videos on many other entertaining videos on it and when when you people seen your videos then you can get flames and these plans you can get exchange to dollars and then you would Link your account to Pay Pal and can cash out the money 
1> so fast install Vigo app from Play store and then open it you must seen in this photo there is any recording button in the centre you just tap on this button in you must upload your video and when many people seen is your video then you can get flames

2> I recently just starting using this app so I cannot get any flames now so I suggest many peoples did not get flames for months but you must wait for it you cannot get money easily so I suggest use this app and whenever you you get famous on vigo app then monthly you can get 20 to 25 dollars a month which is exactly 1750 rupees I know this is less but when you grow you can reach more money 

3>GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS                      

This app is made by the Google many people knows about this app the shape can provide you surveys and you must answer 2to3 questions but it gives less money many people plan complaint that this app cannot provide surveys so friends this app can provide services to you only once a week so I request you must tell you mast open your App daily and check out for surveys I just earn rupees 41
this app gives you play credit which can be used for the buy apps movies and books on play store and it is also best for The Gamers who want to buy something packages in game but you can also cash out these money through Paytm this a probably can provide 50 rupees a month
(How to make money online these are few simple step to earn money easily )
Khan Saab

Khan Saab


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