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best photo editor app 2018

 Best Photo Editor App 2018

                                                 Sony Sketch 

best photo editor app 2018

First we talk about the Sony sketch. Sony sketch is an free app you can easily found it on Google Play Store or click here to download it it

Here you can really get the amazing features like Scale for drawing straight lines, compass and symmetry features with the help of these tool you can make beautiful painting or picture you can also get big great photo editor features like contrast,great exposure and many more.

And you can explore many trending or featured images everyday made by the great artist on Sony sketch

          Photo Editor

best photo editor app 2018

Now talk about the photo editor app this app is very useful especially for bloggers and YouTubers as it is absolutely free and easily you can find it on Google Play Store or simply click here to download it

Once you can understand this app clearly then you can really like it.This brings features like denose, frames, pixel, clone and one of the main feature of this app is resized where you can maintain an image size without losing its quality.

This app is really helpful in creating YouTube thumbails, blog images and image Optimisation


best photo editor app 2018

The next app is PicsArt you can simply find it on google play store or click here to download it this app is very famous for their photo effects and photo collage this is widely used for personal use it brings features like beauty face to make your face beautiful and fair and face fix,blemish fix and hair colour etc

This is really great app for personal use only to get like on social media or for making your photo great and attracting you can also find Brushes  which can create most beautiful images for you like this image given below

You can also create photo colleges in your way in freestyle or grid and also create Double exposure by mixing Many photo layers and many more you can do it in this app.
Khan Saab

Khan Saab


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